Pharmacy Casework

Pharmacy Casework Produces Operational Efficiencies

A well designed and configured pharmacy will decrease the time it takes to fill patient prescriptions and give you more time to spend on direct patient care. Pharmacy Casework, including our PharmStor storage cabinets, shelving, and workstations make pharmaceuticals readily accessible to enhance workflow, which allows you to operate more efficiently. In addition all of our Pharmacy Casework is designed to be reconfigured, relocated, and reused any time your needs change, unlike built-in furniture that has to be torn down, thrown away, and re-purchased.

PharmStor Storage Cabinets, Shelving, and Workstations Designed Specifically for Pharmacies

Our Pharmacy Casework and PharmStor storage cabinets, shelving, and workstations are specifically designed to meet the needs of all types of pharmacies. Work surfaces placed at an ergonomic height with gravity-feed drawers below and angled shelving above keeps supplies close at hand for busy staff members. Keeping noise down is easy with soft close hardware on all drawers. In addition workstations may look built-in but hidden wheels make them mobile so materials can be easily transferred between different areas.

Pharmacy Casework Features and Benefits

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