Computerized Package Lockers

Computerized Package Lockers Offer 24/7 Access to Deliveries

Computerized package lockers are transforming the world of package delivery. It’s no longer about waiting for the courier and making sure you are personally there to receive your package. With our TZ Intelligent Parcel Lockers, you will have a computerized package locker that offers 24/7 access to your deliveries. The TZ Intelligent Parcel Lockers feature a high-tech modular locker and software system that presents secure, efficient and convenient package drop-off and pick-up.

How the TZ Intelligent Parcel Lockers Work

The TZ Intelligent Parcel Lockers ensure that your package is delivered from the courier directly to you without you having to wait around for it. Once the courier arrives to drop-off a package, they use the touch screen to log-in to the system; select the name of the person who the package is for; and then place it into the assigned locker. As soon as the package has been dropped off, the software system sends a text message that informs the recipient that their package has arrived and contains a unique access code. To pick-up the package, the recipient simply enters the access code into the touch screen computer, which then opens the locker with their package.

Benefits of TZ Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Different Types of Lockers for Different Applications

Corporate Self Service Lockers

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