Bi-File Sliding Shelving

Bi-File Sliding Shelving Will Increase Storage Capacity in Less Space

The EasyStor Lateral Storage SystemBi-File Sliding Shelving – maximizes your filing and storage area to solve both space and access problems. The idea behind how Bi-File Sliding Shelving works is simple. Take a row of stationary lateral shelves, and then put another row directly in front of them. The front row of shelves rest on movable carriages that are attached to floor tracks so that they can slide back and forth. This movement allows access to the back row of stationary shelves. The result of the Bi-File Sliding Shelving is a dramatic increase in storage capacity in significantly less space, which lets you to centralize your filing and storage area.

Features of the EasyStor Lateral Storage Systems

There are two EasyStor Lateral Storage Systems available: Bi-File Sliding Shelving and Tri-File Sliding Shelving (a three row configuration). Additional features of this EasyStor Lateral Storage System include,

Benefits of the EasyStor Lateral Storage System

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